10 Things I Learned About You – @Food_Guns_Golf_LasVegas

1.Where are you from?

Fresno, CA


2.What's your fondest memory of that place?

Family functions at my Grandparents house, we would play in the river by the house while grandma and the rest prepared big dinners. I loved having everyone together, and I think it is where my love of food began. We would catch fish, crayfish, and frogs from the river, my family would then prepare a big feast the next day. We were locally sourced before it was cool!


3.You have a very eclectic bio...what does it all mean?!

Lol I don’t think you should take yourself to seriously, and I’m as qualified in those fields as anyone else 😉


4.How did you come up with your Instagram handle?

I tried to find something that covered most of the things I was interested in, even though it could have just said (I like food, a lot).


5.Given your Instagram handle, I'm interested in knowing your thoughts on the recent incident in Las Vegas?

It was the worst day in the history of our city, and a tragedy of unimaginable horror. I am extremely proud of my city, and the incredible response from the community. People lined up the next day to donate blood in lines hours long. Local businesses brought water and food to all the hospital workers treating the victims of this horrific act of terror. I imagine you want to know what my opinions on gun control are, and I am willing to be honest. I am OK with making bump stocks illegal, even though it wouldn’t change a thing. You can make a bump stock with a handful of rubber bands if you want. I believe that evil will always find a way to do evil, and that no law will ever stop a law breaker from inflicting harm on others. My biggest concern is the continual loss of personal freedoms in the name of protecting us from terror. I remember walking out to the gate at the terminal and seeing my loved ones off, and waiting for them to walk off the plane when they returned. I remember going to sporting events without being patted down and scanned with a wand, and I have been around long enough to know that when we lose these freedoms they never return. We will never be completely safe, and government will never be able to protect us from every eventuality. I have a problem with people believing that the government should be able to monitor our every interaction, if we have no privacy we have no freedom. I also believe that people have a right to defend themselves, most of us work odd hours in this town, and I couldn’t imagine my wife leaving work at 11pm without a concealed weapons permit. I know many will disagree with me, and I’m OK with that.


6.Since you live in Las Vegas, I'm sure you've become immune to the tourist attractions; What are some of the less commonly known activities you can do in Vegas?

Mount Charleston! It is less than 45 minutes from my house, I can dine above 8000 feet. In the winter we ski at the Lee Canyon resort, most people don’t think of Vegas and skiing, but it exists! Valley of the fire, Red Rock, and Lake Mead are also great outdoor recreational opportunities, with everything from mountain climbing to ancient pictographs.


7.They call Las Vegas "Sin City", and for good reason. Where can you get the most sinfully delicious food in Vegas? 

It depends on what you like, but I love Chinatown. It is really everything Asian, with Japanese, Thai, Chinese, and Vietnamese foods all represented. The prices are far better than those found in the large resorts, and the quality and authenticity will surprise.

We have great Mexican food in Las Vegas, check out the local places like Lindo Michoacan. If you are more adventurous, try a local taco truck scattered around the street corners of some of the older areas just west of the Strip. I am also a big fan of a local Mexican restaurant named Leticia’s, it is a great family owned business with some truly amazing dishes. Try the gourmet ribeye tacos, they are heaven on a plate!


8.You do a lot of fishing. What's the largest fish you've ever caught?

I will break it down by species:

Largemouth bass 10lbs 5oz.

Rainbow trout 12lbs 2oz.

Brown Trout 7lbs 3oz.

Bear lake cutthroat 11lbs 4oz.

This could go on for days, so I’m just going to stop while somebody still cares 😉


9.What's your favorite "Las Vegas Style" dessert?

I thought about this for a while, and honestly I had trouble identifying a “Las Vegas style dessert”, and then it dawned on me. The big buffet dessert displays at some of the truly amazing buffets like Caesars Palace, Wynn, and the Bellagio. It is more a combination of amazing choices and over indulgence that really makes it a “Vegas Style dessert”!  The macaroons at the Caesars Palace buffet can be really dangerous to a good diet!


10.What does success in your life/ career look like for you and do you feel you've achieved it?

I define success as happiness in my life and career. I don’t think you can be truly successful unless you are happy with your personal and professional life. I find that one’s professional life is always evolving, both willingly and unwillingly. Companies don’t stick around forever these days, and you have to be able to adapt to change pretty quickly. I think you need to find a balance between work and life, and I try to go heavy on the life part. It might not make you the richest person you know, but it might make you the most content in the long run. One thing I’ve always said, never judge yourself by the title you have because you never know how long you will have it.


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