10 Things I Learned About You – @My_Superhero_Helmet_Hair

1.Firstly, I love your Instagram name; how did you come up with it? 

Thank you!! My Instagram name is a combination of funny inside jokes! A Cake friend of mine used to tell me my hair was shaped liked a helmet! It always has been super big and styled! Which is my signature when I filmed cake shows. My Daughter always said "My Mom is a SUPER Hero. She can do anything she puts her mind to!!" So, My Super Hero Helmet Hair Made Me Do It blog was created. I have not blogged in a while, but turned to Instagram for my new creative outlet

2.You’re quite the competitive food games champion! Can you tell us about your experience during the televised competitions on TLC and the Food Network?

One of my favorite career highlights is doing television competitions! I met so many amazing people and created extraordinary show pieces. Of course winning was always a bonus. But, it taught me who I was and winning was not always everything. People need to always remember that it is television. Not everything is drama filled and craziness!! I got really good at doing timed competition....it was almost scary. Halloween Wars season Four and Sugar Dome were both fun to film. The production company wanted us to really create awesome pieces. So, we always had a good night's sleep and a great production crew. It showed in the episodes how put together my teams were.

3.How has the notoriety from winning on those shows changed your life?

There is always bad that comes with the good unfortunately. But, you learn and live. You will get judged and scrutinized for being on television no matter what you do. One of my favorite things is being somewhere when they replay episodes of shows. I am one of those who film something, watch it and forget about it until someone brings it up. It was never about getting famous or being on television. It was a challenge for me and I wanted to excel at it. Just one of the fun facts my daughter can tell her friends now.

4.I saw on your blog that you practice a keto lifestyle. Why did you decide to start the keto diet? 

My good friend Kerri actually is my savior. She was keto for a while and she convinced me to give it a whirl!! I started my keto journey June of 2016. It has truly been a wonderful learning experience. 

5.How has that changed how you eat, especially as a foodie/ chef?

I have always been hyper aware of what I eat from the time I was little. My parents are both Chinese immigrants so I always had a real eclectic food profile. Being ketogenic has really challenged me to find a happy medium. I would say I am 96% keto with the 4% so not keto. Working around pastry is hard because I am a perfectionist. I have to try what I make which not trying is not an option ☹ I foodie adventure with my Daughter a ton so she usually eats all my carbs and sugar! 

6.What’s the hardest thing about being keto? 

I actually don't find it hard to be keto!! I do supplement with my super drink Keto//os!! If anything, being a trained chef makes it easier!! You know the makeup of food and how to marry it well. I try to hit the gym 3-4 times a week and fast for 36-48 hours weekly starting Sunday.

7.You’re from Minnesota! What’s the best thing about being a Minnesotan? 

I was born and raised a Minnesotan. My Grandfather chose well when he brought my parents to the Midwest. Being raised here, you learn to appreciate all our beautiful seasons. Even winter! Summers are spent on lakes, at cabins or exploring the incredible scenery here. Fall activities are abundant with apple picking, pumpkin patches and brisk leaf filled yards! We celebrate Winter with carnivals and outdoor festivals! Skiing, skating and so much more! When I look back at growing up here, I am truly blessed to have experienced this wonderful state!

8.What would you say is the signature dish of Minnesota? 

Hot dish!! Definitely Hot dish! Tator tot hot dish to be exact!! We are actually a huge food mecca though! So many different cultures have made Minnesota home and brought their amazing food with them!

9.If you weren’t a chef, what would you be? 

I would be a crime scene investigator like on Criminal Minds. I have always wanted to pursue this strangely. I did actually retire from making wedding cakes in 2016. This allowed me to switch gears and start working in the golf industry! I really love it! I work part time for a local family owned bakery and enjoy just being a part of something lovely. No pressure. 

10.What does success in your life/ career look like and do you feel you've achieved it? 

I believe there is always room for more achievement. I set goals before I was thirty. Win a challenge on Food Network, be published nationally and own my own business. I achieved them all and just kept riding the wave. Every type of job I have had has always been super successful for me. Being able to step back from wedding cakes has reignited my creativity. I have won tons of medal, certificates, been in print local and national and did my TV thing. All of it has shaped the person I am today. 


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