10 Things I Learned About You – @Ryan_Gosliwaffles

1.What is your fondest food memory? Probably the first time I had a liege waffle with chocolate drizzle when snowboarding; got me to start a whole business 😁

2. What's the first thing you learned to cook? Fettuccini Alfredo 😁

3. Who has most influenced you in the food industry?  Nobody really lol. It’s more of my OCD that drives me to do things the way I do.

4. How did the idea for Liege Waffle Co come about? I went snowboarding at camelback and tried a liege waffle from Waffle Cabin; then I wanted to make it for myself😁 but I was actually going to do a cooking website with them but changed my mind and now have a truck lol

5. Why'd you pick a liege waffle as the staple for your food creativity? This style of waffle I felt not too many people realized existed yet and I knew from personal experience how addicting they were. Also easy to market cause sweets always look prettier than savory

6. Is it safe to say you're more of a sweet than savory type of guy? I can’t really decide probably explains why I love barbecue food so much.

7. What's a food trend that you're itching to try? Not so much a trend but a specific food; I get jealous every time someone posts those Levain Bakery chocolate chip cookies!

8. What's one thing you definitely will not eat? Mussels, clams or anything that’s in shells like that lol

9. How many times have you been mistaken for Ryan Gosling? Too many to count 😂

10. What does success in your life/ career look like for you and do you feel you've achieved it?  Success for me is building up my business to the point I don’t have to work and I just oversee so I can move onto the next of many ideas!

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