10 Things I Learned About You – @TheBiteSizeFoodie

1. How did you come up with your Instagram name?

I came up with the name The Bite Size Foodie, quite organically, but I was really excited about doing a play on words. As soon as I had the idea for this name I knew it was the right fit for me and truly, the longer I'm an entrepreneur, the more I believe in the MEGA importance of being YOU and doing YOU. I'm a petite foodie and a little chef, with a really big appetite for food and loving life!


2. What encompasses the perfect bite of food for you?

The perfect bite of food for me is one that incorporates all the flavours within a dish that the chef is trying to execute or marry together in their presentation. It can be simple or complex, consist of few ingredients or many, but for me the key to a perfect bite is being able to savour the chef's vision.


3. You're from Canada! What's the food scene like eat up north eh?

The food scene here in Canada is SO diverse and honestly A LOT of fun! Because we are such a multi-cultural country, there is a wide variety and diversity of food. Our multiculturalism not only shapes the restaurants that you'll find here, but also influences the food you'll find at the grocery stores, which is really interesting and fun. As the food scene here in Canada continues to evolve and diversify, we've started seeing a lot of incredibly well done fusion food, which is where 2 (or more) types of cuisine fuse together to create incredibly flavourful dishes. In the retail side of the food scene here in Canada, Canadians, like much of North America, are becoming increasingly more conscientious about the food their buying. Craft, small-batch, and eco-friendly or sustainably made products are a big deal!


4. When I visit Canada one day, what's one restaurant I MUST visit before I leave?

This is a tough question! I honestly have WAY too many favourites and couldn't possibly narrow it down to just 1 restaurant that I would recommend you try when visiting Canada. That being said though, I'll narrow it down to one of my favourite restaurants in each of the top 3 food scenes in Canada (I think that's fair LOL) ... If you visited Vancouver, I would recommend you try Tojo's. Tojo's Japanese Restaurant is seriously an amazing food experience on so many levels, not to mention the fact that he is the chef who gave the world the infamous California Roll (a sushi roll classic). If you visited Montreal, I would definitely check out LOV - a local, organic, fresh-ingredient-inspired vegetarian restaurant that has a stunning look both to their decor and the dishes they serve! Plus it's in Old Montreal, which is a must-visit part of town! If you visited Toronto, I would recommend trying Piano Piano or La Banane (both newer restaurants in this happening food town), but if you wanted something more fine dining or a classically popular foodie go-to, you could try Scaramouche or Sassafraz, they're really something special too. I feel I should note here that the restaurant scenes in these foodie towns are so hot and constantly evolving so there are always amazing new restaurants popping up to keep an eye out for.


5. I consider you my foodie twin J; when you're testing out new places, who is your go to foodie buddy to bring along with you? 

My foodie buddy is definitely, hands-down, my hubby and partner-in-crime, Matt! He's the best and is always down for new culinary adventures!! 🙂


6. You've been posting a lot of meatless or plant based foods lately. Are you trying out the vegan/ vegetarian lifestyle? 

So honestly, while I have lived a plant-based and vegetarian lifestyle before (along with paleo, clean eating, you-name-it), the recipes I share are mostly plant-based more so because I just LOVE being creative in the kitchen SO MUCH and love the challenge of developing dishes that are nutritious (does your body good), taste great (does your soul good) AND maybe (I hope) on some deeper level help the planet. As a Certified Health Coach, I really just love the idea of taking my favourite recipes and making them better for my body and the planet too if I can! I don't get as much time to workout and exercise as I'd like each day, so I try and up my food game when and where ever I can. We're always looking for bigger or better, but sometimes I think a small change of ingredient here or there can make a HUGE difference to the overall health of our lives if it's done consistently over time.


7. Do you gravitate more towards the sweet or savory side of life?

I tend to gravitate towards the savoury side of things, most of the time. But, I'm not gonna lie, sometimes I have late-night cake cravings! Haha


8. I absolutely love the quote in your bio! Who or what is Thug Kitchen?! 

Thanks so much! 🙂 Thug Kitchen is technically an EPIC plant-based cookbook but the authors Matt Holloway and Michelle Davi ARE Thug Kitchen and their humour is pretty funny. They have 3 cookbooks out already and each one is AWESOME!


9. What is your spirit animal? 

My spirit animal is a tiger ... although unicorn would also be fun 😉


10. What does success in your life/ career look like for you and do you feel you've achieved it?

I think ultimate success in my life would be getting to do that which I love every day 😀 This is a continued work in progress, but getting close 😉

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