Friends That Eat Together: Part II – Omega

I was a fiend. As if my addiction to sugar and spice and everything nice was not already bad enough, Chick-fil-A went and invented the most beautiful gut busting dessert known to man; the banana pudding milkshake. The original creation made with layers of banana flavored pudding, slices of bananas festooned throughout and topped with vanilla wafers was easily a top 5 favorite in my dessert playbook. Now, Chick-fil-A gave the rankings a shocking jolt with the induction of this confection.  

My BFF Omega and I share the same addiction to this dessert. I can't remember how the topic arose during our normal discussions about life on my drive home, but I do remember expressing my joy for finally having my dessert prayers answered as I cruised through the city, sipping on my waistline's newest enemy. She emphatically agreed and we commenced drooling over detailing the yummy chunks of banana that would unexpectedly flow through our straw with each gulp, the crunchy bits of vanilla wafer that bespeckled the decadent treat and the dollop of whipped cream that crowned this summertime beaut. It was so heavenly that both of us were saddened to see it end as the summer sun set and this seasonal treat was retired. 

The following year, my mouth itching to reunite with my long lost love, I ventured to the nearest Chick-fil-A only to discover that this milkshake addition would not be making a comeback but was offered a gravely inadequate substitute in the newly revealed peach milkshake. WHAT?! I couldn't believe it! Who the hell was responsible for that decision because I'd like to have a very stern, yet non confrontational, discussion about making stupid decisions that others will have to pay for. I immediately called Omega to see if she'd heard the heartbreaking news. She had, and I as I suspected, was also devastated. I scoured the internet to see what I could uncover. Maybe not this summer but the next it would come to reclaim its throne. Nothing in my intense Google search unveiled a second coming for my forbidden treat. Each discussion board uncovered an army of disappointed wafer warriors – as I dubbed them - such as myself. Omega, the life saver she often proves to be, did unearth a recipe that claimed to closely resemble the Chick-fil-A original. We vowed to recreate this masterpiece, but so far our schedules have not aligned to do so. The verdict is still out on whether that imitation does it justice. 

As with the uncovering of my Chick-fil-A kryptonite, Omega also shares in my allegiance to Gazuza's Lasagna sushi roll and my other favorite, the restaurant’s namesake roll. An evening spent celebrating her 26th birthday introduced me to these satisfyingly scrumptious morsels. She’d ordered the specialty rolls and offered to share a piece with me. Not expecting much, as I wouldn’t call myself a sushi connoisseur, I was surprised by my immediate desire to have another. Ever since then I’ve been hooked. I’ve been a patron there for 4 years now and have resentfully tried something new only once; nothing can top old faithful. Surprisingly, I fail at putting into words the deep satisfaction I feel when biting into those rolls each time. Maybe, in the 40 minutes that it inevitably takes for the waitress to bring my order, those sushi masters are sprinkling magical fairy dust on each of the 4 plates I usually end up ordering. Maybe it’s because they’re always so warm, contrary to the cold, traditional presentation of the Asian treat. I don’t know. It’s just an experience you will have to have for yourself.

It would take me a lifetime to describe the many plates I’ve shared in our 16 year friendship. She’s the reason I’m in love with shrimp beignets, why I paid $20 for a glorified ham and cheese sandwich at Brennan’s as she watched them flambé their renowned Bananas Fosters right in front of our eyes, as well as being responsible for my unfortunate encounter with Miracle Whip. She’s showed me the best that sushi has to offer and the worst condiment to put on a breakfast sandwich (Miracle Whip); but what’s a best friend for if not to introduce you to the good and the bad that life has to offer J

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